Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Headerp soultions pvt ltd Outsourcing companies and its benefits

Outsourcing has reached to its peak now and many people are getting job due to outsourcing and before going into the article, let us discuss some few facts of outsourcing. First, what is outsourcing? It is the companies provide outsourcing services to other companies and many large companies outsource their various jobs to other firms that are specialized in each service.  In simple terms, we can say it is the process of contracting to a third party through contractual agreements.  Now, let us see the benefits of the HeadERP Solutions pvt Ltd.  Cost saving is what you can benefit from it. In one or other way it reduces the overall cost, but in quality in work. You can focus on core business and can improve your quality with a new service level agreement. 

It is a major strategic for most of the companies because it involves cost savings against the consequences of a loss in control over the product or service. Manufacturing of components, computer programming services, tax compliance and other accounting functions, training administration, customer service, transportation of products, benefits and compensation planning, payroll, and other human resource functions are what the large companies approach outsourcing companies to do. A new trend in HeadERP Solutions pvt Ltd  is employee leasing and due to outsourcing, many people secure jobs and the vendors recruit, hire, train and pay their client’s employees and also provide other benefits like PF and health coverage.

“Decisions regarding outsourcing significant functions are among the most strategic that can be made by an organization because they address the basic organizational choice of the functions for which internal expertise is developed and nurtured and those for which such expertise is purchased". This is what MR William R king explained in information management system. There are many myths surrounding this service and many say that this field will vanish soon, but it is not true, in turn it will develop well and due to this many professionals will get employment. When you select an outsourcing company, select a company that can manage your jobs in a better way with good development facility and greater control over project execution and management.

The outsourcing companies should provide well technical support with proper software solutions and network solutions. The outsourcing company should provide you live reports with graphical solutions instead of giving you dry reports. Their way of approach should be data driven and communication oriented and they should view technology as a means to an end and not as an end itself. India has many outsourcing companies and in Chennai, you can find the best ones with very high skilled software professionals and they achieve your organisation objective in a most strategic way and increase profitability for clients and stakeholders. The best advantage of outsourcing are, the companies can focus on their core competencies and can free the entrepreneur from tedious tasks. Through outsourcing the organisation can achieve financial flexibility and can gain access to new technology through outside experts. Also, the companies can expand their business worldwide through outsourcing.

In chennai, many outsourcing companies are there and headerp solution pvt ltd is one of the best outsourcing and consulting company and provides good services in different fields. HeadERP Solutions pvt Ltd

Headerp soultions pvt ltd

HeadERP  provides Outsourcing to various companies and also allows companies to focus on other business issues while having the details taken care of our experts. Outsourcing work is often streamlined and it needs world class capabilities and access to new technology and outsourcing is a cost-effective way to start building foundations in other countries. We are one of the leading outsourcing companies and provide implementation and customization services for leading ERP application like SAP, Oracle Application, BaaN and PeopleSoft. HeadERP has talented and dedicated professionals who can implement the client’s software assignment in an effective way.

Many companies have highly benefited with us by our outsourcing work. Headerp soultions pvt ltd accurately assess their needs and we are the concern specialized in services like offshore software development, IT enabled services, Business process and embedded technologies. “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and it this is what we do in our organization. We work as a team and achieve the objectives of your goal in a easy way, but with quality in work.

Friday, January 21, 2011

HeadERP solutions Pvt Ltd

When it comes into recruitment, you need to identify a qualified consultancy that can assure you job assurance and at HeadERP solutions Pvt Ltd, we recruit people in different domains throughout India and other countries. We have been dealing with different companies and have recruited candidates in all those companies. We also recruit candidates through contract staffing and as a contact staff, you can gain experience and it would be a chance for you to get a step into your future. HeadERP have reputed human resource consultants who can guide you and place you in our respective clients concern.

We strive hard to meet your expectation and we recruit you as either temporary or permanent staffs. Many professionals have been benefited through our company and we have helped their careers to bright shine. We are your HR vendor and meet your needs and provide professional services and HR solutions in a dedicated way.

Friday, January 7, 2011

HeadERP soultions pvt ltd

HeadERP is an established outsourcing and consultancy company delivering extended offshore development services and HR Solutions of any complexity to clients worldwide. Being in IT business for over years now HeadERP has a strong team of skilled and experienced IT and HR experts. We have dealing with esteemed customers and companies of all sizes that ranges from start-up companies to large enterprises and they realize that they need a solution to generate their revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations.

We are comprehensive outsourcing and consulting firm and provide different outsourcing services. We understand our clients' business requirements and provide them the dependable solutions through our domain knowledge and proven methodologies. HeadERP deliver high quality results in a cost-effective manner to maximize your competitive advantage and productivity.  We focus on quality and endeavour services to clients from different geographical locations and provide value added solutions to them.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cute! White lioness bears 3 cubs in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Zookeepers in Buenos Aires showed off triplets Wednesday — three white cubs born to a pair of white lions imported from South Africa.
Zoo officials say the two females and a male were born Nov. 16 and are the first white lions to be born in South America. Children who visit the zoo this Argentine summer can take part in a contest to name them.
"We're very proud. There aren't many white lions born in zoos," veterinarian Miguel Rivolta told AP Television News.
Since both parents are white, their cubs each have the recessive genes that make them pure white, he explained.
Zoo visitors were loving their debut on Wednesday. The cubs' mother, not so much. She growled at the crowd and carried one of the cubs off in her mouth.

My Name Is Khan might go to the Oscars

The Oscars list for 2011 might just feature a certain Mr Johar on it. My Name Is Khan, starring Kajol and SRK, and directed by Karan Johar has made it to the reminder list of movies eligible for this year's Academy Awards, joining box office heavyweights Inception, Iron Man 2 and Black Swan.

Karan said, "MNIK started off as a movement and it's heartening to hear that today it's in the broad list of films eligible to be in the running in all categories. I am deeply honoured that MNIK has that kind of acceptance level on a global platform and it's the only Indian film to enter this list. Whether it will be selected or not depends on many factors including luck but it's wonderful to know that people all over the world have loved MNIK so much that they felt it should be eligible enough to be an entry."

While it may be early days yet to predict a repeat of the Slumdog phenomenon for India's highest grossing movie overseas, the Oscar buzz around politically charged romance My Name Is Khan is enough to make Bollywood proud.